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Dec 2009
Artisan Infrastructure Launches Wholesale Only Platform Using VMware, NetApp & Cisco

Austin, TX – Artisan Infrastructure, the leading wholesale only, infrastructure provider announces its new Virtual Private Data Center (vPDC) platform; allowing managed service providers, IT integrators, and software developers to build, manage, and control their own public and private cloud solutions.    

Artisan’s vPDC infrastructure provides a secure, multi-tenant, and highly available platform to partners. Artisan partners can now architect, implement, and provide their own cloud solutions. There are plenty of retail based, cloud service providers that allow IT integrators to resell their services, but Artisan’s vPDC is the only solution which enables partners full autonomy and native control of their own environment.  
“Over the last couple of years we have seen a significant shift towards virtualization and the emergence of cloud services, but due to the expense of building an enterprise grade infrastructure, small and medium sized IT firms have been forced to resell various virtualization and cloud services. With our vPDC platform, these same companies are able to compete head to head with any cloud provider and receive margins that are near triple of standard resale models,” said Artisan Infrastructure President, Brian Hierholzer.
Artisan’s first-class infrastructure solution is built with best of breed vendors VMware, NetApp, Dell, Cisco, and Juniper.  All Artisan Infrastructure solutions are housed in multiple, geographically diverse, SAS70 certified data centers to provide maximum redundancy and security.
For more information about Artisan Infrastructure, or to become a vPDC partner, please visit www.artisaninfrastructure.com or call 888.988.8732.

Artisan Infrastructure is a subsidiary of Artisan Communications, Inc., a privately held, debt free telecommunications provider serving enterprise industry clientele since 2001.

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