Add Unified Communications-as-a-Service to your solution portfolio

Quotes from around the Industry:

Analysts forecast the Global Unified Communication (UC) market to grow at a CAGR of 27.5% over the period 2014-2019.

-Global (UC) Unified Communication Market 2015-2019, TechNavio, November, 2014

One of the main drivers of the Unified Communications (UC) market is the need for affordable enterprise communication solutions. UC is expected to become the primary factor for encouraging fast and hassle-free business communication and enhancing productivity; however, infrastructure costs can present a significant barrier to UC adoption.  Cloud solution providers who offer UC-as-a-Service (UCaaS) can help companies obtain the latest UC technology and reduce their infrastructure and operational costs as well as their communication and transportation costs.

Get Services to Market Faster

Let Artisan Infrastructure help you cloud-enable a UCaaS solution for your service portfolio.   Unlike commodity, end-consumer oriented IaaS vendors; Artisan Infrastructure goes beyond just providing infrastructure components.  Our architects are skilled and experienced in translating service provider business requirements into technical architecture specifications. We can design, build and deliver architectures optimized specifically for our solution provider partner’s needs. Our experience with UCaaS applications allow us to jumpstart architectural design and orchestration efforts by reusing field tested architectures to get you to market faster.  We can help you with:

  • White-labeled infrastructure-as-a-service using the latest technology
  • Cloud architecture designed from your business perspective
  • Customized architectures purpose-built to deliver UC-as-a-Service
  • Field-tested best practices reduce design, build and orchestration time
  • Focus resources on your solution, not the cloud infrastructure
Workspace-as-a-Service Solution

Shorten Service Proof-of-Concept Time

If you haven’t picked a software solution yet or you just want to test out your application in the cloud, we can quickly “stand-up” a cloud infrastructure for you to demo. Try out new solutions from our partner marketplace or you can bring your own to try.  We can help you estimate monthly service costs and quickly migrate you to a production environment when you are ready.

Explore adding Unified Communications-as-a-Service to your solution portfolio

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Software and Service Partner Providers

If you are interested in partnering with one of our certified solution providers who already offer UCaaS products and services compatible with Artisan Infrastructure, please visit our software and solution-as-a-service partners on the Marketplace page.