Protect your entire IT ecosystem from disaster

Business continuity protection solutions must protect businesses from a broad range of impacts to business service and infrastructure availability including failure of physical and virtual servers, network, operating system and application failures. The net result is the elimination of end-user downtime and continuous availability for business applications.

What the industry is saying:

“90% of businesses that lose data from a disaster are forced to shut down within two years.”

-Business Continuity Planning for Business, Eden (UK) Government Office, August 2015

Protecting Critical Business Services with Neverfail IT Continuity Engine

If a problem occurs, your solution should take a variety of pre-emptive, corrective actions including fully coordinated failover of all components within the ecosystem. Neverfail IT Continuity Engine (ITCE) provides five levels of protection to ensure that end-user clients remain connected in the event of a failure:

Server Protection

ITCE provides availability to end user clients in the event of a hardware failure or operating system crash. If an active server fails, ITCE will initiate immediate failover to the passive server. Server protection is provided for physical servers or via integration with VMware Site Recovery Manager.

Performance Protection

ITCE proactively monitors system performance attributes to ensure that protected applications are operational, performing adequately and providing service to end users. Out-of-the-box or custom modules are used to specify the attributes to monitor, the thresholds to use and the actions to take upon threshold violation.

Application Protection

ITCE monitors applications and services on the active server. If a protected application should fail, ITCE will restart the application or cause a graceful active/passive switchover and then restart the application on the new active server.

Network Protection

ITCE proactively monitors the ability of the active server to communicate with the rest of the network. If a problem is detected, ITCE gracefully switches the roles of the active and passive servers allowing the passive server to assume an identical network identity to that of the previously active server.

Data Protection

ITCE ensures the data files that applications or users require in the application environment are made available should a failure occur. ITCE can be configured to protect files, folders, and even specific registry settings of the active server by mirroring them in real-time to the passive servers.

Neverfail IT Continuity Engine provides all five protection levels simultaneously to ensure that all facets of the user environment are maintained at all times and that the network continues to operate through as many failure scenarios as possible.

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