Cloud Solutions

for the Channel

The Cornerstone™ family of cloud products and services are focused exclusively on helping solution providers bring complex cloud solutions to market.  We provide the experience to handle large technology configurations while remaining flexible to your needs. With Cornerstone, you can avoid the “one-size-fits-all” approach of most Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers.

  • Grow Your Business with a Channel-Only, Cloud Delivery Partner

    • No channel conflict
    • Avoid “One-size-fits-all” cloud
    • Flexible, service and support specifically for the service provider
  • Reduce Time-to-Market for Your Complex Cloud-Enabled Solutions

    • Clouds designed for service providers
    • Design and build with experienced architects
    • Shorten service proof-of-concept time
  • Gain Full Visibility and Control of Your Customer’s Cloud Infrastructure

    • Full native control
    • Predictable, fixed-price billing
    • Industry Compliant Security
    • 100% Uptime SLA
  • Get the Benefits of Owning Infrastructure Without the Cost and Complexity

    • Eliminate CAPEX
    • Best-of-breed technology
    • Reduce OPEX of maintaining infrastructure
    • Focus staff on business growth

Artisan Clouds Are the Right Choice for Service Providers

Our focus is on helping customers cloud-enable their complex service offerings while remaining flexible to the unique needs of the solution provider.  We provide:

  • White-labeled clouds so our customers can promote their own brand
  • 24×7, flexible support and service. We listen and provide honest advice, creative solutions and economical pricing
  • Training to help transition solution providers to the cloud including care and maintenance of cloud infrastructure
  • Industry insight, sales opportunities and marketing development funds to increase success.
  • Expert architects and system designers that have specialized knowledge in cloud infrastructure, vertical service offerings and service provider business models
  • Constant evaluation and deployment of new technologies and practices to improve service and lower costs for our customers

Which Cloud is Right for Your Business?

Artisan Infrastructure provides the latest, most powerful cloud technology available so you can avoid spending your precious capital reserves.  Eliminate the need to provide full-time, cloud experts.  Pay only for the services you need for your business as part of your cloud subscription.

Secure Cloud

Web-scale, secure multi-tenant cloud for service providers.

Secure, Private Cloud

Flexible, purpose-built private cloud for service providers.

Bare Metal Cloud

Balances the scalability and automation of the virtualized cloud with the performance and speed of a dedicated server.

The 4 Misconceptions of Commodity Cloud Providers

As cloud providers race to commoditize their offerings, they sap value from their services with a “one-size-fits-all” cloud model. But your organization is unique, and it deserves a cloud that is uniquely tailored for its success. Download our White Paper to discover why cloud providers with the biggest marketing budgets don’t always deliver the biggest results.

The Cloud Conundrum: Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud

Solution providers around the globe are making an attempt to cloud-enable their solutions…their biggest challenge? Figuring out which cloud to use. If you don’t choose the right cloud for the right solution, you could lose the cost-savings, agile innovations, and data security that the cloud provides. Find out which cloud is right for your organization.

3 Reasons You Need a Cloud Partner, Not a Provider

Commodity cloud vendors love to market their offerings as the fastest and easiest route to the cloud, but when it comes to the management, security, and transparency of your cloud infrastructure…you’re on your own.Download our White Paper to find out the 3 reasons you need a cloud partner, not a provider.

Cloud Use Cases

We design, build and deliver architectures optimized specifically for our solution provider partner’s needs.

Accelerate your time-to-market by utilizing our best practices obtained from building hundreds of cloud architectures.

Business Continuity

Purpose-built cloud delivery platforms for service providers who want to offer business continuity as a service.

File Sync & Share

Purpose-built cloud delivery platforms for service providers who want to offer file synchronization and share solutions as a service.

Disaster Recovery

Purpose-built cloud delivery platforms for service providers who want to offer disaster recovery solutions as a service.


Purpose-built cloud delivery platforms for service providers who want to offer workspace or desktop solutions as a service.

Unified Communications

Purpose-built cloud delivery platforms for service providers who want to offer unified communication solutions as a service.

Custom Applications

Cloud delivery platforms purpose-built for your specific solution needs.

Cornerstone Cloud Services

Our top-of-the-line DDoS protection and worry-free migrations help to get your solutions cloud-ready quicker than ever.

DDoS Mitigation Service

Cornerstone Cloud subscribers receive carrier-grade, distributed denial-of-service (“DDos”) mitigation from a broad range of attacks.

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Cornerstone Cloud subscribers receive cloud migration services to get applications to market faster.

Artisan Data Centers

The answer for the modern data center is a business-focused approach to technology.

We have a repeatable, standardized automation and orchestration process; simplifying management for customers and increasing the speed of delivery.

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