Neverfail® Business Continuity

Protect Your Business Against Planned and Unplanned Downtime

Neverfail® provides a complete and intuitive approach to business continuity. Our solutions optimize and assure critical enterprise infrastructure, from planning to deployment. Deliver a more agile IT infrastructure without worrying whether your business continuity plans can keep up with the pace of change.

Business Continuity Managment
  • Align infrastructure to the business continuity plan

    • Auto discover and identify infrastructure
    • Align business services with supporting infrastructure
    • Create protection strategies aligned to BIA and BC plans
  • Assess risk

    • Assign protection strategies to business services
    • Identify coverage gaps and inefficiencies
    • Optimize protection strategies and coverage
  • Assure business continuity

    • Application availability monitoring
    • Network availability monitoring
    • Infrastructure change monitoring
    • Data protection monitoring
  • Protect critical business services and infrastructure

    • Identify failure patterns before they cause downtime
    • Prevent data loss with near zero RPOs
    • Failover multi-tier applications across different platforms
    • Simplify DR management and reduce costs across mixed platforms
    • Integrate with leading virtualization technologies

The World’s Leading BCDR Solutions

Eliminate User Downtime for Good

Business Continuity Solutions

Unlike commodity IaaS vendors; we go beyond providing the bare minimum. Our architects design, build and deliver architectures optimized specifically for our solution provider partner’s needs. Our experience and best practices obtained from building hundreds of cloud architectures can accelerate your time-to-market.

High Availability

Solutions to provide high availability and disaster recovery protection.

Data Management

Learn how to manage your data with deduplication, backup, and recovery.

Cloud DRaaS

Delivery of DRaaS services will expand your market portfolio and increase your revenue.

Continuous Availability for Mission-Critical Applications

Learn the common deployment scenarios that organizations face and how to strike the right balance between performance, scalability, manageability and most importantly…high availability and disaster recovery.

Choosing the Right Business Continuity Technology

When it comes to business continuity, it is imperative that choosing the right solution is a business decision based on the level of risk and disruption that can be tolerated by the different parts of the business.

4 Common Disaster Recovery Plan Misconceptions

After being in the disaster recovery business for the last ten years, we have worked with thousands of companies on their disaster recovery projects and have built customer relationships from over 4,000 of those.

Eliminate Downtime for Good

It’s time to proactively protect your business. Disaster recovery plans are reactive, but our Neverfail® products work proactively to make sure downtime never happens.

Keep your business online with our continuity products.

Neverfail HybriStor

The HybriStor dedupe backup and archiving target is changing the way we store and protect data. Dramatically reduce data storage costs today!

IT Continuity Engine

ITCE is the leading business continuity software in the world. Sleep easier at night with instant failover and failback for all mission-critical applications.

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

Recover from downtime—scheduled or unplanned—with enterprise-grade cloud-based Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS). Never miss an RPO or RTO again.

Continuous Availability for Mission-Critical Applications.

No user downtime, period.