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Neverfail IT Continuity Engine

Neverfail IT Continuity Engine is the only application-aware business continuity solution that eliminates the risk of application downtime before it impacts critical business operations.

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Business Continuity Software

A data sheet for IT Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) personnel to see how business continuity software keeps services in the datacenter continuously running and operational 24/7.

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HybriStor Data Protection Appliance

Hybristor is a  groundbreaking virtual/software appliance that will solve all of your secondary data storage woes with deduplication, backup, and recovery capabilities.

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White Papers

4 Common Disaster Recovery Plan Misconceptions

With over 10 years of experience,  we’ve seen the best and the worst disaster recovery plans. Learn how to build a rock-solid DR plan while avoiding the 4 most common mistakes.

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Protecting VMware vCenter Server from Downtime

Recent changes enacted in VMwares vCenter have created gaps in business continuity. Learn how Neverfail extends the scope of BCDR functionality offered by VMware vSphere HA and VMware SRM.

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Continuous Availability for Mission-Critical Applications

Downtime is not an option. Learn how improved server availability significantly reduces IT CapEx & operating costs while helping to adapt to rapidly changing business requirements.

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Choosing the Right business Continuity Technology

When it comes to business continuity, it is imperative that choosing the right solution is a business decision based on the level of risk and disruption that can be tolerated by the different parts of the business.

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Success Stories

J O Hambro Capital Management Turns to Neverfail for Guaranteed Resilience

After J O Hambro Capital Management was joined by a sister company, disaster recovery requirements changed and a more robust solution was needed to address Service Level Agreements and meet customer expectations. Find out how Neverfail meets evolving business and accreditation requirements for JOHCM with continuous availability solutions in this case study.

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Analyst Reports

The Art of Objectifying Secondary Data

Ben Woo of Neuralytix reviews Neverfail HybriStor’s ability to turn backup and archive data into intelligent business analytics. See how to transform backup data, traditionally a sunk-cost activity, into a revenue-generating advantage.

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